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1) Having a good email address

This can be a very interesting factor. When choosing an email address, try choosing one:

2) Having a good subject line

You can have a good subject line for your email. This will enable two things:

1) Easiness in searching the email later


2) grabbing the attention and making the receiver interested in the content.

I’ve received job applications with just the word “Resume” in the subject line and nothing else. Like, resume what? I should resume doing something? This sounds too weird for me. If you are writing an email, the subject line should be clear. “Application for the post of YYYYYY” or “Regarding job opening YYYYYYY” would catch the attention and help the receiver understand what is in the email and process it or forward it to the right person who should process it. Putting tags should also work in some cases, like, [Job Application].

But the point is to have a good subject line. But don’t write the full email in the subject line!

3) Writing a proper body of the email

This is very important. A good email should be simple and elegant but explain everything and contain all required and relevant information. They shouldn’t be too long. If you have to give detailed explanations for something, mention them in a short paragraph in the email, put the long explanation in a document or PDF file and attach it or put it in a sharing space and put the link and mention “Refer to the following document/link for detailed explanation”.

Start the email with a proper salutation. If you know the person by his name, you can put “Dear Mr./Ms. XYZ” or just the name as “Dear XYZ”. If you don’t know the person but just the designation, put that, like, “Dear HR Relations Partner”. If that also is not available, put Sir or Madam or name depending on from where the person is from and if you don’t know the gender, put Sir/Madam. Please note that the older generation in India and Academicians mostly expect you to use Sir or Madam but US/UK etc., people prefer using their name(unless it’s a military establishment or such). You can put “Hope you are doing good” or “Greetings” or “Good day to you”, etc. after that. This shows some kind of intimacy or respect.

After this, write what you want to convey in a short but very informational manner. Start with why you are writing this email. Putting a reference to any previous emails and date of the email would be good as it will refresh the reader’s memory with what has happened before. Then in maximum 2–3 short paragraphs, express the content.

In the end, put a closure like, “Eagerly waiting for a response from you” or something similar and put “Thank you,”, “Thanks,”, “Thanks and regards,”, “Thanking you, Yours sincerely”, “Yours sincerely”, etc. I would suggest not to put it in signatures if you use automatic signatures as you may want to customize this for each receiver at times.

4) Attachments

You may have to attach some files to the email such as pictures/videos or documents like resumes and cover letters for resumes. There are some things I would suggest:

5) A grammar check can save lives

Make sure the spelling and grammar are correct. You can do it in many different ways. Make someone review it, use a spell checker or improve your language, to name a few. I haven’t done a spell check on this article. If you spot anything, ping me personally. Will correct it and mention your contribution.

And that is the end of this email storytelling post. I hope you got some ideas from my thoughts and you will consider some of them. Please write your comments below or mail your comments directly to me at

I am a storyteller and looks forward to interacting with students on preparing for interviews, learning computer science subjects, technical sessions on Python and Git and how to be a good computer science student as well as some managerial topics like talking to people and the public speaking. If you want to know more connect with me through email at or through my website

Thank you! You are an awesome listener!

“Life never ceases to inspire the ones who decide not to give up!” — AJ (yeah, that’s me only) :D



Enthusiastic about DevOps, ML/AI, XAI & Interpretable AI, Edge Computing and Energy Efficient AI | GGP'22 @ VCC | MSc AI @ UofStA'22 | Ex-SE2 @ Dell EMC

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Anand Jagadeesh

Enthusiastic about DevOps, ML/AI, XAI & Interpretable AI, Edge Computing and Energy Efficient AI | GGP'22 @ VCC | MSc AI @ UofStA'22 | Ex-SE2 @ Dell EMC